About Us

Madison of Stretcher Pack FameMadison’s Stretcher Pack is the result of a dream by owner Trish Bartholomew. A few weeks after her dog Madison had become ill during a snowstorm that left them unable to leave their home, Trish had a dream in which a portable stretcher began to fold and unfold repeatedly before her eyes.

The idea for Madison’s Stretcher Pack was born.
Trish, an avid hiker, met many people on the trail hiking with their pets. If anything happened to their pet while in a remote location, how would they be able to transport them to safety?
The dream united these ideas. Trish began her design of a lightweight carrying system that could be folded up for ease of transport, yet would be able to carry an animal weighing up to 185 lbs comfortably.
Madison’s Stretcher Pack weighs only three pounds and when folded is smaller than a purse. It is made of hard-wearing duck canvas and can be carried by its loop handles or can be used by inserting branches into the loops for increased strength and ease of carrying.

For more information contact madisonspack@gmail.com.