Dog on Madison's Pet StretcherIf you have dogs, especially large ones, chances are you may one day have to assist them with mobility. We learned firsthand just how valuable a stretcher can be when our lab broke his hind leg and then had to have it amputated due to bone cancer. While he adjusted well to getting around on three legs, his battle with cancer was a rocky road and some days he just didn't have the strength to get outside and back in on his own. We really came to depend on the Madison's Stretcher Pack for getting him in and out as well as for lifting him into the car for rides or vet visits. The stretcher is made of heavy-duty canvas with well-placed loops for handles or for running sticks or hiking poles through. It washes well, folds handily into its attached zippered pouch for storage, and will fit easily into a day pack for taking along when you hike or go exploring.

Thank you, Trish, for coming up with such an important and useful idea and then making it happen!


March 2, 2015 extremely cold calf born male, March 3, 2015 still real cold, calf born female. Both very cold lifeless. Thanks to having the Madison Pack we could transport them from the frozen field to the car to the vet. The Madison Pack saved the two of us to carry each calf safely and secure. Thank you so much.



Calfs are both doing wonderful thanks to the Madison Pack and the vet care. Thanks again. Bless you and your wonderful invention.

"Madison’s Stretcher Pack is of great use in our mobile veterinary practice. We have been able to lift and move any dog of any weight, even the largest of St. Bernards! This stretcher folds easily and neatly and takes up only a small amount of space in our mobile van.".

Dr. Lori Blankenship PhD, DMV, CVA

Thought I'd let you know that the Rescue Pack works very well. Unfortunately it was put to use for a dog that had been struck by a car and needed Veterinary Care. The dog was in a lot of pain and wouldn't let anyone near it. The Rescue Pack cradled the dog very well and we were able to get the dog very easily to my truck without getting bitten, which in turn got the dog to the Vet. much faster.

Thanks Again, Deputy R. Fincham